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Message from Keith Walker

"Hard Times"

Psalm 77: 8, 11

"Has his unfailing love vanished forever?

Has his promise failed for all time? .......

I will remember the deeds of the Lord"

Psalm 77 is by a Levite named Asaph, one of David's three chief musicians in his court.  It's the testimony of someone trying to struggle and wrestle with terrible times.  The Psalm never reveals what is specifically troubling Asaph.  But it does record Asaph's responses to the crisis that he is in.  In the midst of this crisis he asks the question about whether God's "unfailing love (has) vanished forever".  Asaph is wondering where is God?  It's a question that is not wrong, but a natural and maybe a necessary response to great turmoil.

We too will and can respond this way at times in our lives.  When we do, our Lord is able to hear, understand and be with us.  He has given us His great and precious promises, but most wonderfully he gave us Jesus.  

Asaph is right and sets the pattern for us, the pattern of God's children.  We are to "remember the deeds of the Lord", and for us there is no greater deed than Jesus' rescue mission for us.  Our Lord declared he will never leave us, even in the worst of times.  That is remembered by us when we recall Jesus' declared love for us.  Jesus loved us so much, that he died to make us His.  In hard times, our God has declared his love and enduring presence with us, always!